Edgewood is kicking off this year’s Big Box Tops Challenge—we are hoping to collect 10,000 Box Tops, which is 2,000 more than last year! Your student brought home information about this year’s challenge and a collection sheet on the back. Each sheet holds 25 Box Tops. You can glue your Box Tops right to the sheet, or just put them in a baggie or envelope. Just please make sure your student’s name, and classroom is written on the sheets, baggies, or envelopes.

Keep an eye out for “Bonus Box Tops.” Safeway, Costco and other stores sometimes run specials where you can sign up for bonus Box Tops. Please let us submit the bonus Box Tops code numbers, that way we can be sure your child’s classroom gets credit for the submission. Please submit any “Bonus Box Tops,” in a separate envelope please do not attach them to the collection sheets. We will send out regular updates on how we are doing throughout the Challenge. Thank you!