Volunteer info

Help out with Popcorn Wednesdays!

We hope to resume our Popcorn tradition soon, but we need parent volunteers! Please contact the office if you are interested in helping out or in learning more about what that entails. We will probably be needing popcorn volunteers on Fridays.

Signed up to volunteer? You will get a SafeSchools email

If you want to volunteer in the Eugene School District, you need to get a background check and follow some basic training. Once you sign up, you will get an email that says this, “Eugene School District 4J is using SafeSchools.com to offer training courses online for your convenience. Follow these easy steps to complete your Eugene School District 4J safety training requirements…” The email will have a username so you can go through the training.

Still need to do your background check? Go to: https://www.helpcounterweb.com/welcome/apply.php?district=eugene