Donations for Thanksgiving Boxes

Every year our Edgewood community comes together to create Thanksgiving meal boxes for 25-30 Edgewood families. Please consider donating items on our Thanksgiving grocery lists or making a cash donation to support this endeavor!  More detailed information on how we could use your help will be coming out by email tomorrow.


**This is the last year that Meridith Turnbull will be our Edgewood Village Food Pantry coordinator as she will no longer have a student at Edgewood next year.  If you are interested in that role and specifically interested in helping coordinate our Thanksgiving Boxes effort next year, please contact the office.  This would be an excellent time to learn more as we are starting our collections this week.  Edgewood Village is a huge help to many of our families; however, it can only be possible with the time and commitment of parent volunteers.