Thanksgiving Boxes

Donations for Thanksgiving Boxes – We need Turkeys……and more!
Every year, our Edgewood community comes together to create Thanksgiving meal boxes for some of our Edgewood families.  This year we will try to put together close to 30 boxes!  Please consider donating items on our Thanksgiving grocery lists (see attached) or making a cash donation to support this endeavor.

We are especially in need of turkey donations, but there are several other items missing as well.  We have sign-up sheets in a binder in the office, or you can just let me know how you would like to contribute via email or phone.   

Non-Perishable items can be brought to the office anytime next week. Perishable items (turkey, ham,  milk, butter, cool whip etc.) should be delivered to the kitchen no sooner than Friday, November 16 or Monday November 19 due to lack of space in the kitchen. We will be distributing the boxes to families on Tuesday, November 20th.

If you would like to help put together the food boxes and/or distribute them, please contact the office. We are looking for volunteers on Monday afternoon, Tuesday morning and Tuesday afternoon.