Move More in March!

March:  “Move More in March!”

Wednesday, March 6th is our monthly Walk & Roll to School Day and we’re asking everyone to move more in March! Did you know that when kids get physical activity before class, they are more on task and fidget less? This is true for both girls and boys, and is especially helpful for children who have the most trouble paying attention.


So for this Walk & Roll to School Day, we encourage everyone to move their bodies before school so everyone arrives awake, alert and ready to focus! Try to walk, bike, carpool or use the bus to get to school. Students riding the bus and those carpooling can challenge themselves to 10 minutes of physical activity before school. If driving is your only option, help your child(ren) move by parking a ten minute walk from school and walking the rest of the way. It’ll wake up their brains and start them towards their 60 minutes of exercise for the day, and you’ll avoid parking lot traffic.