Spelling Bee

Edgewood Spelling Contest – for interested 3rd, 4th, 5th graders!

Does your child love spelling?  If so, they might like to participate in the Edgewood Spelling Contest!

The classroom spelling contest will take place tomorrow on Tuesday, April 16th.  Students will be given 25 words to spell.  Contestants will write the words on lined paper.  This is NOT an oral spelling bee.  The top two spellers from each classroom will advance to the Edgewood Spelling Contest (which also happens to be the 4J Spelling Contest, due to the fact that there are no other elementary schools in our district participating this year.)

The Edgewood Spelling Contest/ Eugene 4j District Spelling Contest will be held on Tuesday, April 23rd.  The top two students will advance to the Lane County Spelling Contest on Wednesday, May 29th.  The winner of the Lane County Spelling Contest will advance to the Oregon Statewide Spelling Championship!