Talent Show Lunchtime Rehearsal Information

If you submitted a talent show application, you will receive an email today regarding SPECIFIC information for your group/solo act, but please know we DO have Talent Show rehearsals tomorrow, Thursday, Friday and Monday.
Generally, lunchtime rehearsals will be done on specific days, by grade. That said, we have one exception: Piano and Drum Acts (regardless of grade) will be rehearsed on Friday (and NOT on other days) due to music room availability.

Here is the lunchtime schedule:
Wednesday: 2nd grade and 4th grade
Thursday: 3rd grade and 5th grade
Monday: Kindergarten and first grade.

You must come to the lunch rehearsal with your act already done! Not just an idea of what you are going to do.
Lunch rehearsals are a time for you to use the stage space to refine your act in addition to your rehearsals at home.
If your act isn’t “ready,” by the lunchtime rehearsals, you may be asked to withdraw your performance.

If your act requires a music file:
-if you’ve sent it/turned it in to the office, you’re all set!
-if you haven’t sent it, please turn it in to the office or email edgewoodravenstalentshow@gmail.com