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Edgewood’s school counselor

Edgewood’s school counselor, Rebecca Ledbetter, starts each day off with a morning announcement. These announcements remind students to be kind, responsible for their own actions and positive. Rebecca sometimes adds a joke or tells the students about silly “holidays,” such as Talk Like a Pirate Day. She’ll leave students with inspirational quotes also–one recent quote: “We change the world with one act of kindness at a time.” What a lovely way for our students to start the day! (Rebecca is pictured giving the morning announcement in September)


School Pictures

Picture Days  next week!

Thank you for being patient as we work out the kinks in our Picture Day schedule.  We will send out an email as soon as we have the class schedules figured out!  Please let the office know if you are interested in helping out escorting kids to the camera and back to class again.

Box Tops

Box Tops collected year round

It’s time to kick off the 2018-2019 “Big Box Tops Challenge!” At Edgewood we have had a goal of 10,000 Box Tops every year, this year we would love to beat that, even by just one Box Top.

Look for the handout coming home with your student! There will be a sheet that holds twenty-five Box Tops, but before you glue or tape the Box Tops to the sheet please make sure they are not expired. Just make sure your student’s name and classroom number is on the sheet. The classes are competing for trophies that are awarded three times a year. THANK YOU for helping support our school!

Volunteers Needed for Pictures

Help with Picture Days September 24-27

We will soon be sending out a classroom schedule for school pictures.  We need a few volunteers from each classroom to help shuttle kids to the picture taking station and back to class.  Please let the office know if you are interested in helping out on picture days!  Please make sure that you have done your background check!

PTA budget

PTA Budget for next school year decided May 8

The Edgewood PTA will hold its annual budget meeting Tuesday, May 8, in the Edgewood Library from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. This is the time of year where parents can help decide where school funds will go. Child care will be available in the cafeteria for free.

Summer Camp Info

Learn about summer camps this weekend!

The Corridor Elementary School PTO is hosting a Summer Camp Fair to help families in Lane County learn about summer camp opportunities for their children. Nearly 30 organizations will be attending along with entertainment, food trucks and family activities. It is Saturday, April 14, from 11 am – 3 pm at Corridor Elementary School, 250 Silver Lane, Eugene.

Families can collect information on camp enrollment deadlines, times, programming, pricing, and scholarships. There will also be raffles to win free camps (four week-long camps) and free registrations for youth activities.

Proposed School  Schedules for Next Year

Picture of a monthly calendarOur school district is moving to a consistent calendar and schedule for all schools in 2018–19 to better serve students, families, staff and our community. This discussion has been underway for more than a year. Details of the new schedule will be settled this spring, and the changes will be in place when school starts in the fall.


Currently each 4J school has a different calendar and schedule, with significant differences in how much instruction time is provided. Next year there will be consistent schedules for families and similar amounts of instruction time at different schools—an increase in learning time for most students in the district.


Starting this fall, all schools will have the same calendar of school days, no-school days and half-days, with only small differences between elementary schools and middle/high schools. Schools also will have consistent start and end times, and the same weekly early-release days, coordinated to provide equitable learning time and efficient student transportation.


To make this possible, every 4J school will have bell schedule adjustments. The proposed new schedule for Edgewood Community Elementary School is 7:55 am-2:35 pm Monday through Thursday, and 7:55 am-12:10 pm on Fridays, to provide time for school and teacher planning, collaboration and professional development. (Our current schedule is 8:35 am-2:45 pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, and 8:35 am-1:45 pm on Wednesdays.)


The school board will discuss the proposed schedule on Wednesday, April 4, and will take action to approve the standard school schedule later this spring. 


We know changes in school schedules mean changes for your family schedules, and this can be challenging. We will share calendar and schedule changes with you as soon as possible, so you have time to plan ahead.


To learn more, review the draft schedule, and provide feedback, see

Reading Olympics Envelopes Due

Reading Olympics – Please turn in envelopes this week!

We will be collecting Reading Olympics envelopes all of this week.  We want to celebrate all of the reading minutes logged in by our students –whether or not pledges were collected.  That being said, this is one of our biggest fundraisers of the year, so please do turn them in to help raise funds for our Storyteller, Artist in Residence, Teacher supplies, school garden and more.  Thank you to everyone who has participated so far!

Pledges are tax deductible.  Edgewood PTA Tax ID#:  99-0375925.  Please let us know if you need the PTA to write a letter for tax purposes.

Knit Wits

Help out with the Knit Wits!  Wednesdays from 1:45-3:30

Our Knitting Club needs another volunteer.  Our amazing D1 resident Grandma, Mara would appreciate another set of adult hands to join our Knit Wit group. You do not need to know how to knit to join in the fun. The kids can teach you. Mara and the 9 knitting members have busy hands and fingers and simply want another adult to assist with logistics and general group support. Our group meets every Wednesday from 1:45 – 3:30. Please let Tina Leaton in D1 know if you are interested.