OBOB January

Oregon Battle of the Books (OBOB)

The next Edgewood OBOB meeting is Jan. 10th from 1:45-2:45pm.


1) “TEAM BOOK EXPERT” form. Each team divided the 16 books among themselves to read and become a team expert on. This paper will be coming home tomorrow (Thursday), and lists the 4-8 books they are responsible for being an “expert” on for their team. Of course, they are welcome to read additional books beyond their “expert” books. This list helps ensure that every book has been read by someone, without individual students trying to learn them all. Please keep in mind that these lists can be modified by the teams over the next 2 months. Teams will be more successful answering questions if more people have read more books – or studied and reread their books multiple times. Winter Break is a great time to start focusing on OBOB books!
2) AUTHOR/TITLES. It’s time to start memorizing book titles and authors – exactly as they appear on the bookmarks. There are also flashcard sheets in the library on the OBOB shelf.
3) BATTLE WEEK FEB 12-16. All teams will battle after school on Monday and Tuesday (2/12-2/13). The points earned in these battles will determine the playoff bracket. Elimination battles begin on Wednesday (2/14), with the top 8 teams battling on Thursday (2/15), and the Championship Battle on Friday (2/16). We will need 8 parent volunteers (Monday-Wednesday) for battle timers and scorekeepers. No experience required!!
4) OBOB MORNINGS. Starting on January 3rd, we will have OPTIONAL OBOB battles in the library every Wednesday from 8:10-8:25am. Just drop in when you get to school to battle a few questions before class.

Questions: edgewoodobob@gmail.com